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Advanced Radiant Technology, Inc.

Why Radiant Heat?

"Humans don't live on ceilings, flies do."

Over the past 50 years Americans have typically heated their homes by blowing warm air from ceiling mounted registers. This crude attempt at warmth sacrifices comfort for over 200 days of the year in the Puget Sound region. With a forced air system, because warm air rises and cold air sinks, it's always cooler on the floor. The average contractor will rarely inform you that ducted air systems have the lowest comfort rating and the highest monthly energy costs of any heating system. The contractor simply installs the system in the home because it costs less initially. Period.

Why are radiant heating systems superior to forced air systems? Air is a horrible conductor of heat. While the air coming from the vents may be warm, it does not warm the objects in the room or radiate that warmth throughout the room. A hydronic radiant heating system takes advantage of the superior conductive properties of water to more efficiently heat your home by heating the objects in it.

When the contractor finishes your home he leaves, but you stay. Whose comfort is at stake? Shouldn't you have a choice in what type of heating system is installed in your home? It has been proven that a home with quality radiant heating has supreme comfort, far lower operating costs, is absolutely silent, and builds equity. The slightly higher installation cost of a radiant system is always offset by the lower heating bills, not to mention the supreme comfort provided by a hydronic radiant heating system. If designed and installed correctly, a radiant heating system with Viessmann boilers will last the lifetime of the residence. And most of all, you'll be incredibly comfortable.

Isn't that what you really want?